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As we are creating a healthy lifestyle that makes us feel our best every day, so many of us (me too!) need a jumpstart. A bit of guidance and focus for 4 weeks can get YOU feeling amazing … and the meal planning and workout habits you create in 4 weeks can last a lifetime!

Last month, my friend Brittani Rettig (founder of GRIT Fitness and Grit by Brit) and I hosted a 4-Week Shape Up program, and we were blown away by the results!

The 80+ women we took through our program dropped body fat, shed extra pounds, started meal planning, saw their energy levels skyrocket, and felt in control of their health!

teaching shape up

We just couldn’t keep these tips a secret … we want to share them with YOU!

For just $29.99, you get our workshops on meal planning and workout planning, dozens of recipes and workouts, accountability tracking, and so much more!

This means that YOU (no matter where you live!) can sign up for the program and join us in getting fantastic results.

SIGN UP HERE – can’t wait to hear how amazing you feel in 4 weeks!


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