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Why Self-Love is Tough for High Achievers with Lizzy Cangro

Today’s post features a few key takeaways from a recent Wellness Your Way podcast interview.  Find the full episode here, and be sure to subscribe to Wellness Your Way so you don’t miss future episodes!

Guest Bio: Lizzy Cangro

Lizzy Cangro is an international expert nutritionist, wellness coach and author with a passion for helping other women silence their inner mean girl and confidently step into the body they love. In 2017, she founded Nutrition by Lizzy to help clients stop calorie counting, enjoy eating without guilt and achieve unconditional love for their body.


Top Insights from Lizzy Cangro’s Interview

  1. The “hustle culture” is encouraging us to seek external validation from working hard, which keeps us “chasing the carrot” and not focusing on giving ourselves There’s nothing wrong with hard work, but if that’s the only way you’re feeling good about yourself, you’re setting yourself up for a vicious cycle!
  2. Always working to be “better” is a quick path to burnout. Wanting to improve yourself in a loving way is great!  But when we tell ourselves we’re not enough and try to shame ourselves into being better, we’re breeding negativity.
  3. Self-love isn’t an Instagram hashtag or a selfie of you taking a bath. Self-love is an energy we can be in that is a compass to how we’re treating ourselves holistically.
  4. Finding the right support for you is critical. It takes courage and vulnerability for high achievers to ask for support, but having someone cheering you along is a game changer!  Find your cheer squad or support network as you work to improve your relationship with your self and your health.
  5. Letting go of comparison is a helpful act of rebellion. Society wants us to compare ourselves to each other, but acknowledging that we’re all unique is the true path to self-love.
  6. 3 steps to releasing comparison:
    1. Acknowledge that you have the awareness of comparison.
    2. Practice self-compassion, realizing that we’re all human and we all rely upon subconscious programs. You’re not failing if you instinctively compare!
    3. Go into gratitude for what you do have. Comparison forces us to look externally; gratitude helps us look internally.
  7. Looking in the mirror can be a powerful way to reframe self-talk. Lizzy presents an exercise from Louise Hay where people look in the mirror at specific body parts, and reframe the instinctive thoughts that come to mind. Instead of thinking, “I have monstrous calves,” think instead, “these strong calves have carried me through so many important moments and give me the freedom to move throughout each day.” Or instead of thinking, “I hate the scar on my body,” think, “this is my survival scar!”
  8. When we hear from our “inner mean girl” and her negative thoughts, think of acknowledging her thoughts and choosing what you want, just like you choose clothes from your closet. You do not need to “wear” (or hold on to) every single thought that pops into your mind.  You can select what is serving you at the moment!

Want to hear the full episode, including how baking her grandfather a lemon drizzle cake led to her personal health spiral (and rebrand!), how to find the “Goldilocks zone,” and so much more?

Head over here to catch the full episode with Lizzy Cangro!

Now it’s your turn!  What is one thing you learned from this interview?  What’s one thing you’re committed to changing after learning from Lizzy Cangro?




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