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What many of us need right now is a hug, but social (physical) distancing makes that a bit of a challenge.  So, instead of a physical hug, consider this blog post your virtual hug or pandemic “care basket.”  It is full of all kinds of resources to help you get through this difficult time … everything from primarily pantry meals to at-home meditations to ways to help out.  I’ve kept the lists short so as not to be too overwhelming … but there are an abundance of resources available to you if you’re struggling, bored, or lonely.  As always, if I can be of any help, please let me know.  Until then, I’m giving you a virtual hug and pat on the back … you can and will get through this difficult time!

Things You Might Need Right Now…

  1. Some healthy meals
    1. First, check last week’s post about how to be creative in the kitchen. This will help you reduce food waste, feel more creative, and give you a simple formula to throw together a healthy meal from whatever you have on hand.
    2. This Business Insider article has some great tips to stay healthily while minimizing grocery store trips
    3. This roundup has some healthy recipes and great tips!
    4. If you’re in Dallas or any of the other major cities Territory Foods serves, I highly recommend their prepared meals that can be delivered to your doorstep. Use this link for $50 off!
  2. Some at-home workouts. There are SO many ways to move your body during stay-at-home orders.  Walking is a great one!  If you’re looking for more, try some of these.
    1. 25-minute no-equipment strength and core workout for beginners
    2. 20-minute body weight tabata
    3. 10-minute HIIT workout
    4. 10-minute no equipment HIIT workout
    5. 20-minute full-body workout
  3. A breath … or several. At-home meditations can be a great, quick break to bring you peace and  calm even in the most trying circumstances.
    1. Gabrielle Bernstein Surrender meditation
    2. Guided meditation for inner peace and calm
    3. Guided meditation to release anxiety and worry
    4. Loving kindness meditation
  4. Some inspirational music. Here are a few songs that help me stay grounded, present, and grateful.
    1. Rise Up by Andra Day
    2. Grateful by Rita Ora
    3. Here’s my entire morning Spotify playlist. I listen to at least one of these songs each morning.
  5. Some true information
    1. Dr David Price, an ICU doctor at Cornell in New York, shares his opinions and insights on COVID-19
    2. Mark Hyman has released some amazing podcasts on COVID-19, including this one on medicine during this era, and this one on spiritual health at this time.
  6. A boost to do good in the world
    1. Write a thank you note. Now is the BEST time to write someone a thank-you note, or just a check-in note.  It’ll make you smile, feel connected, AND make someone else’s day!
    2. Sidewalk chalk. Is it just me, or is it so fun to see all the messages written in sidewalk chalk and in people’s windows as we walk by?  Take out that chalk and write someone an inspirational message!
    3. Donate meals to those in need. I am LOVING this program that allows people like us to buy meals from our favorite Texas-based restaurants (I chose HG Sply!) and donate them to families in need.  Just call the restaurant and mention the CFCP program, pay, and you’re all set!
  7. A challenge
    1. Bingo card. If you haven’t started your FREE Bingo card yet, what are you waiting for?  Get it here.
    2. Push-up challenge. I’m personally doing this push-up challenge by Team Florida Track Club, an excellent resource for virtual (or Gainesville-based) running coaching!

Now it’s your turn … What is something that has helped you during the pandemic?  Any resources you’d like to share?


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