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I love podcasts.  They offer such a quick and convenient way to satisfy my love of learning and my goal of continuous improvement.  I listen to podcasts during any time that would otherwise be “wasted” – while I’m getting ready in the morning, while I’m driving, while I’m waiting in line, etc.  I also listen to podcasts on long walks (as I move away from Half Ironman training for now, I’ve been loving long walks to complement my HIIT / strength / bootcamp-style workouts!).  I subscribe to a lot of podcasts, and usually just scroll through the episode list to see which titles stand out to me on any given day.  If I’m needing some inspiration, I’ll hit the “Motivation” section below.  Wanting to learn something new to up my health game?  I’ll hit the “Health” section below.  And if I’m looking for ides on how to improve my business, productivity, or leadership, I’ll go to the “Productivity” section below.  Here are the best podcasts for health, motivation, and productivity!  (Of note: I did a post like this in 2013 and in 2018 – it’s fun to see which have  changed and which have remained the same!)


  1. On Purpose with Jay Shetty. Jay is one of the most talented interviewers I’ve heard.  He brings Rockstar guests, an incredible presence, and an open heart to his interviews.  I leave each episode feeling inspired and connected.
  2. Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu. Tom’s story is fascinating – I heard him speak live last year and became an instant fan.  He’s just as good on his podcast, and, like Jay, attracts incredible guests.
  3. The Brendon Show with Brendon Burchard. Brendon’s energy is contagious, and there aren’t many people whose career paths I admire as much as his.  His podcast episodes are almost always less than 30 minutes, but I leave with an actionable idea every time.
  4. RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis. Rachel is a perfect combination between the girl next door and Oprah (don’t worry, she’s coming next!).  Her business is taking off, and for good reason.  She brings a curiosity and humility to each podcast episode and I smile the whole time I’m listening!
  5. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. Oprah – enough said.  If anyone can get the best of the best interviewees, you know it’s her.  Her interview ability is second to none – literally – and her voice is soothing and empowering.
  6. Do The Thing with Melissa Urban. I wasn’t sure whether to put this one in “Motivation” or “Health,” but it would be on the list regardless.  Melissa does a great job at giving all demographics, issues, and perspectives equal respect and representation and chooses some interesting topics!
  7. The Ed Mylett Show. If Rachel Hollis is a combination of a girl next door and Oprah, Ed Mylett is a combination of The Rock and a teddy bear. He’s accomplished so much, yet retains a down-to-earth perspective and a hunger for success that many in his shoes would have lost.
  8. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes. Lewis himself has been on a lot of personal discovery journeys, and his efforts to know himself better and continuously become better show up in his interview style. He attracts incredible guests and has a nice mix of short (5 minute Friday) episodes and longer form interviews.


  1. Broken Brain Podcast with Dhru Purohit. I listen to every episode of Dhru’s show as soon as it comes out, which (given the number of podcasts I subscribe to!), means I really respect his content. Even on topics that seem commonplace (like how to use movement to beat depression  and anxiety), I learn something new every time.
  2. The Genius Life with Max Lugavere. I don’t think anyone will ever replace my fan-girl-ship for Ben Greenfield (next on the list), but if anyone did, Max Lugavere would come close.  His social media, books, and podcasts are exactly what the world needs to hear when it comes to health.  Highly recommend!
  3. Ben Greenfield Fitness. Ben will always be my favorite!  His podcasts are getting a bit “in the weeds,” so if you’re just starting out on your health journey, choose another one first.  But I have so much respect for his open mind, willingness to experiment, and ability to get to actual science despite the clouds of chaos surrounding the health world.
  4. Naturally Nourished with Ali Miller. I respect Ali’s depth of knowledge and passion for her field tremendously, and both are evident in listening to her podcast.  She’s a bit heavy on keto, but generally not dogmatic.
  5. The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman. If there were a Godfather of holistic health, it would have to be Dr. Hyman.  He has accomplished so very much in the field and has advanced our knowledge of important health topics significantly.  He covers everything from actionable tips to necessary policy changes to interviews with health greats on the podcast, and does it all in an easy-to-listen format.
  6. Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey. Like Ben Greenfield, Dave Asprey can get wayyy down into the weeds, so if you’re looking for quick, actionable tips, this isn’t the podcast for you. But if you want to “geek out” on the science and learn detailed information on important health topics, I highly recommend Bulletproof Radio.
  7. Food, We Need to Talk. A new-to-me find recommended by someone in our 10-Day Reset, this podcast addresses the emotional side of food and why being healthy is so emotionally difficult today. If you’ve struggled to have a healthy relationship with food, I recommend this one!
  8. The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson. Shawn is one of the pioneers in the health podcasting world, and his hundreds of podcasts episodes prove it. Each one has actionable tips and interesting takeaways, and his interview style is fun while still informative.


  1. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield. It’s fitting that Amy Porterfield and Rachel Hollis (from #4 in Motivation) are friends, because their vibes are so similar.  Amy makes online marketing fun (and that’s coming from someone who thinks I hate marketing!), and has great ideas to help any size business attract more people.  I always leave with tons of ideas!
  2. Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher. Jenna’s brand has exploded over the past few years …  she started, as she’ll tell you, with a $300 camera and very little idea of what she was doing, and with a lot of hard work and hustle, she’s grown to the point where she did a live webinar with the Tony Robbins a few weeks ago!  She’s open and honest about her ups and downs, and inspires me to think bigger!
  3. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn. Pat is simply the master of all things passive income, online marketing, and podcasting.  Having met him in person, I can say that he’s humble, genuinely interested in helping, and a lot of fun.  He helps entrepreneurs through their issues in several podcast episodes, which always leaves me with great ideas for mine.
  4. Entrepreneurs on Fire with John Lee Dumas. The host, JLD, has interviewed over 2,000 entrepreneurs, so it’s safe to say he knows a little something about this game.  His high-energy, action-oriented style feels inspiring and fun every time.
  5. I’ve been to Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership conference twice, and I learn almost as much through these podcast episodes, which come from Dave’s parent company. Whether the episodes feature interviews of great leaders or tips from the host, there are always valuable lessons.
  6. Focus on This. Again from Dave Ramsey’s parent company, this podcast focuses on quick things you can do to make each week productive.  It comes out Monday mornings and lays a nice groundwork for productivity and focus.
  7. NPR’s How I Built This. This NPR podcast isn’t as big on actionable takeaways, but if you’re looking to feel inspired or you love stories about business, it might be for you. The podcast features interviews of the founders of many businesses, some of my favorite episodes being the founder of Larabar, Lara Merriken, and Mark Cuban.

Now it’s your turn … What are your favorite podcasts?  Have you listened to any of the ones on my list?


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