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This week’s interview featured Michelle Quirk: Nurse Practitioner, runner, and mom. Michelle has great insight into the world of balancing a career and a family.  She had lots to share about prioritizing herself and achieving her goals among her many commitments and priorities. She also had LOTS of helpful health tips, especially for busy working professionals!

Here is a recap of the 10 insights she shared:

1. Make it easy. If you’re not going to make it to the gym consistently, find another alternative. Michelle bought spin bike for her basement!

2. Prioritize! Michelle had lots more commitments last year than she does this year. With less commitments, she has noticed improvements in many areas of her life.

3. If you have kids, involve the them! Michelle’s kids dance to the music while she works out, or ride in the stroller on her runs. This shows them to be active at a young age!

4. Michelle has struggled in the past to rehab her own injuries. She has tendonitis that could have been fixed a while ago, but she recently reached out to her doctor to get physical therapy and is rehabbing the injury now!

5. Myth: the flu shot causes the flu. It is important to get the flu shot to protect yourself and those with compromised immune systems around you!

6. If you only have one minute for your health, drink water! As a country, we are chronically dehydrated. Try to drink 2L of water per day!

7. If you have a profession like Michelle where you are jumping from patient to patient and don’t have much time to drink water, get lots of water in when you get a quick opportunity!

8. Michelle’s favorite quote: “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” -Steven Covey

9. Take care of yourself first, so that others can get the best of you!

10. Final value bomb: Take time to think about your goals. Name them, write them down, and make a plan for how you are going to achieve them.

Now it’s your turn…What was your favorite takeaway from this interview?  Who would you like to see as a future guest on Lyons’ Share 10/10?


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