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This week’s interview featured Justin Thompson: owner of Thompson Physical Therapy and host of The Athlete for Life Podcast! His podcast helps both professional athletes and anyone who wants to maintain their health to achieve a lifetime of athletic fulfillment! Visit his website, and follow him on Instagram @justinthompsonpt!


Here is a recap of the 10 insights he shared:

1. Stay hydrated. We are made up of a large percentage of water. If we don’t replenish what were getting rid of throughout the day, the systems within our body won’t work as well!

2. Get enough sleep. It makes SUCH a difference in your day! In addition to water, sleep can also help you to function optimally.

3. Exercise regularly. Figure out what motivates you do get out there and move! For Dr. Thompson, it’s a team atmosphere.

4. While it may be difficult to start exercising regularly, it will become easier. Once it becomes a habit, you will be more energetic!

5. Like many of us, Dr. Thompson struggles to get enough sleep each night. He is busy during the day, and likes to spend time with his wife at night.

6. To combat his lack of sleep at night, he likes to take 15 minute power naps for recharge during the day.

7. Myth: Bad knees are genetic. A lot of people think they are doomed for bad knees, or some other condition that they believe is genetic. Usually, the way you treat your body affects the likelihood of having a condition like this more than your genetics!

8. If you only have one minute for your health, do some focused diaphragmatic breathing. You can do it anywhere! It oxygenates the blood, calms the parasympathetic nervous system, and brings you more in tune with your body.

9. Dr. Thompson’s favorite quote: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift” – Steve Prefontaine (runner).

10. Final value bomb: “In the quest to log the miles, its easy to lose sight of the quality of those miles” – Jay Dicharry (Author of Running Rewired). In the quest to improve your health, make sure that you are doing things well. Focus on improving one aspect of your health at a time!

Now it’s your turn…What was your favorite takeaway from this interview?  Who would you like to see as a future guest on Lyons’ Share 10/10?


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