Loving What You Do (+ VIDEO of What I Do!)

motivation monday

Happy Motivation Monday!  Today, I want to encourage you to do what you love.  I’m sure you’ve heard people telling you to follow your passions, and maybe it’s gone in one ear and out the other.

But please, take just a moment to think about how your life could be happier, easier, more synchronized if you actually loved what you spent the most time doing.  For most of us, work is the thing we spend the most time on – even if you work a standard 40 hours per week, that’s still 23% of your week.  Add in an hour of commute each way, the 8 hours of sleep that you get each night (I know, funny … but most of us need it!) and the hour that you work out each day, and work takes up about 50% of your waking hours.  So doesn’t it make sense to do what you love … or at least find some way to love what you do?  do what you love(picture source)

You may be thinking, “I would love to do what I love, but it’s just not possible.”  Yes, I understand that sometimes leaving a job is financially, logistically, or otherwise impossible (I’ve been there!), but if this is your situation, try one of these three things:

  1. Be realistic, and plan for the future.  Can you implement some type of plan to make it feasible to move on to something you love?  Create a business plan and an action plan for how you’re going to achieve your goals, and set them into motion.  Nothing can happen unless you start taking action.
  2. Find a way to bring joy into each day.  There is probably no job in the world where literally 100% of the time is filled with bliss.  (You’ll see how much I love my job in the video below, but even I have moments where I do tasks that I’d rather not do).  Even if you’re in a situation where you don’t enjoy your job, though, focus on the moments that you can make fun and exciting.  Can you go for a short walk at lunch?  Fit in exercise in the morning?  Call a friend on your commute home?
  3. Find time to do what you really love.  Maybe your job is accounting but you love to paint … can you sign up for a one hour per week painting class?  Maybe your job is consulting but you love learning about nutrition … can you set aside a few hours to write a blog on nutrition, read nutrition books, or take nutrition classes?  :)

love what you do(picture source)

Many of you know that I did exactly that before I left my job in January.  Many of you have also asked me about how The Lyons’ Share business is doing lately, and what it is that I actually spend my time doing.  To help answer those questions, I put together a video explaining what I do, how the blog is different from my health coaching business, and a few other things I’m doing besides health coaching.  I’d love to know what you think … please let me know in the comments!

*By the way, if you haven’t yet checked out my profile on Long Drive Journey, I’m the first in Amy’s “Her Mark” series, and I talk all about following my passions!  Check it out here!*

So tell me in the comments … Do you love what you do?  What’s one thing you can do today to love it more?  Can you think of anyone who might benefit from my health coaching, now that you understand a bit more about what I do?