Eat Real Food

Happy Motivation Monday!

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Many people tell me that they’d like to eat healthily, but healthy food is so expensive.  When I ask what kind of food they eat that is healthy, they’ll mention fancy packaged foods – some of which are healthy, and some of which are far from it (but still labeled with “healthy,” “low-fat,” “high fiber,” “natural,” or another often-misleading health claim).

fat free candy label

(picture source … These may be “A Fat Free Food,” but I assure you that does not mean they’re the epitome of health)

It can be complicated to sift through all the packaging claims, because they’re put there specifically to be enticing.  We all want a magic product that tastes delicious and will make us perfectly healthy in just one bite.  We’re all quick to believe something that’s printed on a label, especially if it targets something we’re looking to improve in our health.

food label claims

(picture source)

We can talk a lot about which of these labels are meaningful (for example, “natural” is a completely unregulated term, and can basically be slapped upon any food product, regardless of the ingredients).  However, today, I have an even easier challenge…

Just. Eat. Real. Food.

True health doesn’t come in fancy packaged products.  Most of the healthiest foods on the planet are fruits and vegetables, as well as minimally processed nuts and seeds, oils, grains, meats, and whatever else you choose to add.

So today, have an apple and some almonds instead of a sugar-free, fat-free, cholesterol-free (but chemical-heavy) energy bar.  Have a huge salad with avocado, several types of vegetables, and grilled salmon instead of a drive-through cheeseburger.  Have a few Grab-and-Go Egg Muffins with some tomatoes, avocado, and fruit instead of an Egg McMuffin.  Just make one single shift that edges you closer to eating real food.  You can do it!

real food doesn't have a label

(picture source)

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So tell me in the comments … what is one shift you could make today to eat more real food?