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motivation monday

Many of you saw this on The Lyons’ Share Facebook page yesterday (please “like” the page if you haven’t yet!), but I wanted to share it here with you for Motivation Monday.

stop and look around once in a while - fb 8.31.14

Life moves fast.  We are all busy.  We all have things to worry about, accomplish, control, and achieve.  And that’s OK!  I’m all about getting things done, trust me.  However, to balance all of that out, it’s so helpful to take a moment to breathe, take it all in, and appreciate what you’ve been given and what you’ve created for yourself.

I feel so fortunate to have just gotten back from a week in Colorado, where I got the chance to spend tons of time outdoors.  It was restorative and relaxing, especially the quiet time to breathe and look around.  I encourage you to create a mini-break for yourself today, whether you have a day off for Labor Day or not.  Just take 2 minutes to look around, appreciate, and breathe.  You’ll thank me later!

An Update and a Reminder

  1. Fall Reset: Many of you have asked if we’ll be doing a Fall Reset, similar to The Lyons’ Share Spring Reset.  Good news … YES!  The Fall Reset is tentatively scheduled to kick off Monday, September 29th, and last for 2 weeks (through Sunday, October 12th).  Early sign-ups will start Wednesday for my monthly newsletter subscribers (you can subscribe using the green bar at the very top of the page), and will follow shortly for blog readers.
  2. Healthy Swap Sweet Potato Salad: Are you getting ready for a Labor Day gathering today?  Meal prepping for the week ahead?  Either way, it’s the perfect time to make my Healthy Swap Sweet Potato Salad, and learn about the health benefits of sweet potatoes!  Healthy Swap Sweet Potato Salad 2

So tell me in the comments … What are you going to do today to make sure you don’t let life pass you by?