A Holi-DAY, not a Holi-Month

Happy Motivation Monday!

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When I spoke to my clients this weekend about Thanksgiving, I’m sure they anticipated that I would tell them not to eat the pumpkin pie, to only have turkey and vegetables, or to stay far away from their favorite dish.

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Quite the contrary!  While I believe in moderation for all things, and I also believe that most Thanksgiving plates are pretty excessive, I think that a bit of Thanksgiving indulgence is just fine, and even recommended.  It’s (hopefully) not every day that you get to have pumpkin pie, freshly roasted turkey, and all kinds of delicious side dishes, so you should enjoy them!

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

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I fully believe you should enjoy your Thanksgiving favorites, but I also believe you can do a few things to prioritize your health without sacrificing your holiday.  Here are just a few reminders:

  • No need to eat to the point of being incredibly uncomfortable just because you think you “should” or you “can” on Thanksgiving.
  • Avoid loading up your plate with things you don’t really even like, just because it’s Thanksgiving.  Go for the things you enjoy!
  • Always remember to find a balance – I will aim to have 1/3 of my plate filled with turkey, 1/3 filled with greens (my Healthier Green Bean Casserole, a salad, or maybe even some roasted vegetables), and 1/3 for all the traditionally carb-heavy side dishes.  And then if I go back for a little extra of some of my favorites, at least I’ve had some semblance of balance the first time around!
  • Remember that Thanksgiving is a holiDAY.  So many people consider Thanksgiving the beginning of a long holiday season, and allow themselves to “throw in the towel” on their health from now until January 1st.  There’s no need for that, and it will only make your job harder come January.  Instead, enjoy the holiDAY, and get back on track the very next day!  No need to make it a holiWEEK or holiMONTH (nutrition-wise, at least).
  • Most importantly, remember the meaning of the holiday, and enjoy time reflecting on gratitude, enjoying your family and friends, and relaxing a bit.  It doesn’t have to be ALL about the food!


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So tell me in the comments … What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?  Any tips on how to stay healthy through Thanksgiving?