Growing a service business?

Let’s Uplevel Together!

Let’s face it: entrepreneurship is amazing … but it can also be challenging, lonely, and uncertain sometimes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a squad of dedicated entrepreneurs that had your back every step of the way?  A team that pushed you to achieve more, shared their insights, and ensured that you were staying focused on your goals?

Now, you do.



the Uplevel Together Mastermind.

Who is Uplevel Together for?

Uplevel Together is for you if you have an existing business in an industry that helps people.  You might be a health coach, therapist, business coach, meditation expert, personal or group fitness trainer, hair stylist, photographer, or any other business that offers a service to others.

If you’re ready to show up for yourself and for your teammates, you’re open to growing your business beyond what you thought possible, and you’re craving the support of like-minded women, you’re in the right place.

Who leads Uplevel Together?


Hi!  I’m Megan  Lyons, and I lead Uplevel Together. 

I’m the owner of The Lyons’ Share Wellness, as well as a Harvard graduate with two Masters degrees (MBA and Masters in Holistic Nutrition).  I’m a voracious learner, constantly listening to podcasts, reading books, and scouring articles to find the best tips on how to grow a service-based, profitable business that helps people and feels rewarding and fun.

And I put those ideas into practice, too!  After opening The Lyons’ Share in 2014, the company has consistently hit six-figure revenues yearly, has helped thousands of people live their happiest and healthiest lives, and has continued to grow to a point where client waiting lists are a common occurrence and six-figure yearly profits are enjoyed.

What  makes me well-suited to lead this Mastermind?


  1. I am genuinely motivated to serve YOU.  I love serving all of my clients, but over the years, offering business coaching to budding entrepreneurs has been some of the most rewarding and impactful work I’ve done.  I want to help you skyrocket your business and love the work you’re doing!
  2. I’ve tried it all, and I’m happy to share.  Virtual assistants?  Scheduling software?  Group programs?  Free speaking gigs?  Podcast appearances?  Conferences?  You name it, I’ve probably tried it, and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned  along the way.
  3. I’m committed to continuous growth.  Wherever you are in business, I want to help you get one step further.  I’m committed to continuous growth for myself and my business, and I want to help you achieve the same.
  4. I’ve participated in many Masterminds.  I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on other Masterminds, conferences, and programs, and I am committed to bringing this knowledge to Uplevel Together to help us all grow together.

So let’s talk about you.

What does it look like to join Uplevel Together?

The primary feature of Uplevel Together is our bi-weekly meetings.  Meetings take place Mondays at 1pm CT by Zoom.  Each meeting features the following segments:

  • Positive kick-off
  • Round-the-table updates: each member shares a business success, an update on her commitment from last meeting, and gets an opportunity to problem solve with teammates.
  • Business lesson from Megan: I’ll share a topic that has helped me tremendously in business, offer a sneak peak into my own business, or share an important learning I’ve gleaned from other expert entrepreneurs.
  • Member commitment: each week, we’ll ask you to make a commitment, and we’ll hold you accountable to reaching it!
  • Uplevel spotlight: every other week, an Uplevel teammate gives a deep dive lesson into something that is working great for her.  On the opposing weeks, we host a 30-minute Q&A session with Megan – ask her anything!

How do I stay accountable between sessions?

In addition, when you join Uplevel Together, you’ll be entered into a private group with a Resource Center full of tons of helpful information, and a private chat group so you can stay in constant touch with your teammates, stay motivated, and get questions answered.

How much does it cost?

Uplevel Together costs $50 / month (a far cry from many masterminds that are tens of thousands of dollars per year!).  But you don’t have to take a gamble.  Once you start the application, you’ll get links to view the first three meetings of Uplevel Together free of charge to see if the group is the right fit for you and your business!

You’re in?  Welcome!  Let’s get you signed up!

Free trials of Uplevel Together have passed, but we’re taking applications to get on the waitlist for when we open up.  Want to join our group of powerhouses?  Fill out the short application below!

Got questions?  Shoot Megan an email at  I’m happy to help you determine if Uplevel Together is right for you!