Snacks and Side Dishes

Fake Your Way Fancy: Balsamic Tofu Mushroom Bites

TGIF!  It's been a long week, so I'm going to leave you with your first Foodie Friday: a quick and easy recipe that only looks fancy.  Really, it comes together in 10 minutes or less (plus 15 in the oven), and could serve as a great finger food if you're hosting a...

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A trip to the garden (2 easy recipes!)

Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest differences, and that has definitely been the case with two recent recipes I've prepared.  So what were the small details, you ask?  Garden-fresh, just-picked produce!  Our close family friend has a beautiful garden full...

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Building a healthy salad

This post has been revised for 2018!  Check out the new post here!   How many times have you said the words “Oh, I’ll be good, I’ll just have a salad”?  You may have even done so this week, to fit in some veggies for your Fresh Start Challenge!  When you do order...

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