Lyons Love Challenge

#LyonsLoveChallenge 2018

This February, I want to invite YOU to share the love! Every day for the first half of February, treat yourself like the queen you are, and inspire others to do the same! It’s time for the #LyonsLoveChallenge!

What’s the challenge?

February 1st-14th, take a picture of how you are loving your healthy body. It could be drinking an extra glass of water, or roasting veggies with dinner. It could be going for a run … or skipping your run because you’re listening to your body. It could be laughing with friends, or taking a selfie because you feel great. Need more ideas?  Scroll down for 32 free ones!

How do I participate?

  • Love your healthy body!
  • Post a picture on Instagram
  • Tag @thelyonsshare
  • Don’t forget to tag #LyonsLoveChallenge
  • Tag a friend for additional chances to win prizes!

Tip: If you don’t know where to start, keep scrolling. Enter your email address and I’ll send you 32 free (or cheap!) ways to show yourself love every day!

Prizes, you say?

Yup! Post multiple times per week, and you’re entered to win a prize!

Tag a friend every day for more chances to win. Be sure to follow @thelyonsshare, where I’ll announce the winners each week. 

I want 32 free (or cheap!) ideas to show myself love every day!

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Lyons Love Challenge