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More tips for working out while traveling

Good morning, and Happy Wednesday!  Many of you have asked how to squeeze in workouts while traveling, and this is something I have a lot of experience with, given that I travel every Monday-Thursday for work.  Eventually, I'll do an entire post based on my personal...

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7 Convenient Home or Hotel Workouts

Happy Workout Wednesday!  Today's post is going to be pretty quick, because I'm short on sleep and running (literally) out the door!  Thanks to all your comments on my anniversary giveaway post, I heard the call loud and clear for some easy-to-access, free (or cheap),...

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7 Tips for Enjoying a Healthy Wedding Weekend

Wedding season is in full bloom, and a lot of the “side effects” of weddings (overindulgence, drinking, and skipped workouts due to being away from home) can often lead you to feel less than your best when you get back to reality.  We’ve all been there, right?  Well,...

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Traveling Healthily: Healthy Travel Snacks

Happy Sunday!  I’m in Evanston for a quick trip to support the Kellogg 5K for Kids, which I helped start last year at Kellogg and which supports kids with cancer through an amazing and empowering summer camp.  It’s such a wonderful organization, and I’m so grateful to...

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The “BDD Rule” for eating out

Eating at restaurants is a topic near and dear to my heart: in a normal week, I eat 12 meals per week out of the house due to traveling Monday through Thursday for work … and that’s without any social outings or date nights on the weekends (note: this post was written...

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