Running Tips

How to safely exercise in the summer heat

If you many fitness-related blogs, you've probably seen a fair number of posts on how to run or exercise through the summer heat.  You may also be thinking that I'm late to the game, as it is already a week into August (incidentally, average temperatures in the US are...

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Podcasts to Motivate Your Workout

This post has been updated for 2018! Check out the updated list here! When you work out, do you listen to music?  Zone out?  Watch TV or read a magazine from your machine at the gym? I do believe in the restorative power of tuning in to your own thoughts or listening...

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Making your workout fun

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I'd rather watch the grass grow than get on the [treadmill/ stairmaster/ elliptical machine] right now"?  Do you find yourself skipping workouts because they sound so boring?  I have a challenge for you: find a way to make your...

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Mixing up your workouts to maximize your benefits

It's no secret that I love running.  It certainly wasn't always that way (see my "About Megan" story for more on the transition), but now running is a source of stress relief, pleasure, and personal challenge.  When I first got into running, I pretty much just ran ......

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