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Happy Motivation Monday!

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As today is the start of the work week, I would like you to take a moment to think about how you approach your work – and your life.  Do you think about making more money?  Getting recognized for your successful pitch or well thought out presentation?  Just making it until 5pm, when you can clock out?

Have you ever, instead, thought about how much value you can possibly add in a day?  How many people’s lives can you change?  How many people can you make smile?  How can you make someone else feel good?

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If you shift your perspective to think this way, I guarantee that you’ll reap some of the benefits, too.  Making others smile makes me smile.  Hearing that I’ve changed someone’s life in a positive way gives me the motivation to serve more people.  Striving to serve more people in a given month automatically helps my bottom line, too.

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When I catch myself thinking about goals that are only financial, or just trying to “get through” the day, reminding myself that I do what I do to add as much value as possible helps bring me back to feeling centered and happy.  More value added to others, a happier and more balanced person, and a thriving business?  Now that’s worth trying to shift your perspective!

Now it’s your turn… how can you add value today?  How does this perspective shift feel?


  1. Jerica

    This was so helpful! Often I get caught up in the financial aspect of life and I forget to focus on my happiness! Balance is so key for me because I have to stay center and happy in order to succeed.

  2. Shamira Anastasia West

    This is so true! I always try to add value in everything that I do. It does make any situation better. I can add value to my day by being more present.


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