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Because this weekend got away from me, I didn’t get to share a 7 Tips post or plan a Motivation Monday post for tomorrow (but I’ll still post some motivation to The Lyons’ Share Facebook!).  Instead, I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about 7 healthy things I did this weekend.  Some of these are tips, so hopefully you’ll forgive me for slightly deviating from the schedule :).  Once you read about my weekend, please share what YOU did to be healthy this weekend in the comments below!

  1. Ran the “Run or Dye” Color Run. I’ve mentioned twice before that I think mixing up your workouts and doing something to make them fun is helpful in preventing mental burnout and keeping you excited about working out.  Well, I’ll admit that when I organized the Color Run for work, I wasn’t super excited about the prospect of having people throw paint in my face as I was running in 90 degree weather … but, it turned out to be fun!  More fun for me was seeing my colleague, who just recently started running, complete her first 5K and get that great energy rush afterwards.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for a fun race! group at color runMegan and Amrita after color run
  2. “Caught up” on sleep.  This article from the New York Times this week scared the living daylights out of me (cancer? depression? immune deficiency? brain functionality? diabetes? stroke?).  I know that one of my most unhealthy habits right now is being sleep-deprived during the week, and honestly it’s been more than 10 years since I have consistently gotten 7+ hours of sleep per night (with the exception of our honeymoon and our Asia trip last summer).  While I don’t think you can completely “make up” sleep in terms of health benefits, sleeping a bit extra on the weekends helps me feel refreshed and ready to take on the next week.  I slept almost 10 hours on Saturday night, and it was glorious.  I’m also going to do what I can to make sure I’m prioritizing getting as much sleep as possible this week. sleep from new york times
  3. Tried a new green smoothie recipe.  I needed to use up some cantaloupe, a cucumber, and some spinach, but wasn’t super hungry, so I created this “snack smoothie,” which I posted on Instagram (follow me @thelyonsshare).  Coming in around 150 calories, 11g protein, 3.5g fat, and 19g carbs, it was a great nutritional choice and filled me right up! instagram smoothie
  4. Went for my first real bike ride in almost a year. I love spin classes and do them frequently, and I love my road bike, but I honestly get a bit scared if I haven’t ridden in a while, and let my bike collect dust in the garage more than I wish I did.  When I realized that an annual bike race for diabetes is coming up soon, though, I knew I needed to get out my bike and take it for a spin … and I’m so glad I did!  bike ride 6.23 2 bike ride 6.23
  5. Wore sunscreen.  In general, when I’m exercising in the sun, I’m fairly good at wearing sunscreen – I got burned far too many times as a child (sometimes on purpose, since all my friends were getting tan and I knew that my skin only had two shades … white or red!).  My dad’s bout with melanoma also scared me into wearing sunscreen more diligently.  But, I’ll admit that I’ll occasionally say something like “it’s 6:30am, I won’t get burned” or “my face lotion has sunscreen in it.”  That’s not a great idea, so I’m glad that I loaded up this weekend.
  6. Relaxed. In general, I’m not a big fan of TV, but hanging out with Kevin last night and doing pretty much nothing besides cooking dinner and watching a few shows (Arrested Development, Chopped, and Friday Night Lights!) was exactly what we both needed.
  7. Cooked a new dinner.  Speaking of cooking, I made a “Summer Vegetable Bake” last night that was delicious, light, and refreshing.  Even Kevin commented on how summery it tasted!  Recipe may be coming up on a future Foodie Friday! instagram vegetable bake

Now that you know what I did this weekend, I want to hear what you did!  So tell me in the comments … what is one (or more!) healthy thing you did this weekend?


  1. loudassauntie

    Concordo plenamente com a Eliane Graffi. Eu também amava o óleo Sève de Canela, mas a natura tirou do mercado, não sei porque tirar do mercado um produto que muitas mulheres amavam, será que teve algum problema com o óleo de canela? Eu agora uso creme hidratante e óleo de amêndoa doce (só para as partes mais ressecadas). Fiz isso na minha gravidez e não fiquei com nenhuma estria, nem na barriga nem nos seios.

  2. Jennifer

    Way to go! These are awesome accomplishments! 😀

  3. Prerna Dubey

    This sounds so fun! I had a great weekend too (and incidentally healthy!)

    My brother and sister-in-law were in town. While it meant eating out, we did loads of healthy things – such as walking instead of cabbing it to different tourist spots in the city. We walked along the river, all over millennium park and the extreme end of Navy Pier. It was perfect weather and great company to combine fun with some exercise.

    Keep posting Megan! This is such a refreshing read after my boring Sunday night slide creation 🙂

    • Megan Lyons

      I’m sorry I initially missed this great comment, Prerna! So glad to hear you had a great weekend. “Tourist walking” is SUCH a great way to fit in exercise without actually feeling like you’re working out. Glad you got to spend some time with family. Thanks for continuing to read!



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