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This week’s interview featured Bobbi-Jo O’Gilvie: Creative Director of Ready to Blog Designs and Creative Project Manager for Eight! Bobbi has created her own amazing business that helps other small businesses and bloggers to showcase their work! She had so much great information to share about balancing health between being an entrepreneur, runner, wife, and an expat! Check out her website: and follow her on Instagram @todayimbobbi!

Here is a recap of the 10 insights she shared:

1. Drink water. This is simple but SO important!

2. If you’re tired, go to bed. Don’t try to solve problems while you’re sleepy, stressed or scared. Your feelings won’t intensify after some sleep! If you need help sleeping, try using white noise.

3. Run your own race. You don’t need to compete against others. Do what works for YOU. You aren’t late or early in the game, you’re on your own time. You set the tempo for which you are chasing your goals!

4. Bobbi sometimes struggles to protect her own energy, and finds herself saying yes to things she may not have the time for, or even want to do. To combat this, she practices respecting her own boundaries!

5. Put on your own oxygen mask first before you help the people around you. You can’t be there for others if you haven’t taken the time to check in with yourself!

6. Myth: You need to have tons of followers to make money and influence people online. Focus on taking care of the people who are already there for you! If you take care of them, you will be successful!

7. If you only have one minute for your health, breathe. Try box breathing- breathe in for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds, and hold for 4 seconds.

8. Bobbi’s favorite quote: “Baby girl breathe, but remind yourself of who the f you are.” – Akilah Hughes

9. Don’t forget to give yourself credit for where you are now. YOU are the one who got yourself here!

10. Final value bomb: Leave your heart open. You probably couldn’t have imagined where you would be today five years ago. You also probably can’t imagine where you will be five years from now today. Leave your heart open for what’s coming!

Now it’s your turn…What was your favorite takeaway from this interview?  Who would you like to see as a future guest on Lyons’ Share 10/10?


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