Do you ever feel as if you’re crushing your health goals and feeling amazing during the week … only to take a few steps backward and end the weekend feeling like you need another whole weekend to “get back on track”?  Trust me, I’m all about enjoying the weekend, and I never suggest being so stringent with your health goals that you don’t have room for the things you truly enjoy, but today’s post aims to help you enjoy the weekends without throwing in the towel on your health or forgetting about your goals all together.  This was originally an IGTV video, so if you prefer to watch or listen to the tips, head over to my Instagram page and click on the upper left “IGTV” logo to watch!

Here are my top 7 weekend health tips:

  1. Ask your body what it really needs. I try to start each weekend thinking about what my body really needs and commit to giving it that throughout the weekend.
    • If you’ve been stuck at a desk all week, your body likely needs movement. If you’ve been hitting the workouts super hard all throughout the week, your body likely needs rest and recovery.
    • If you’ve been super busy with work, meetings, and other activities, you likely need some alone time, and if you’ve been alone in your cubicle all week, you likely need some connection.
    • If you’ve been burning the midnight oil, your body likely needs sleep.
    • If you’ve had a tough week, you may need fun, laughter, or family time.
    • If you’ve been frustrated at work, maybe you need to feel accomplished (a new, tough workout is a great way!)
  2. Think about balance. If you tend to go out to dinner at places that have fewer vegetables available, be sure to get in your salad for lunch or veggie pack in the afternoon. If you know you’ll have a heavier Sunday brunch, you might try to go lighter for Saturday dinner or get in an energizing walk before brunch.  Find ways to fit in the things that make you feel best sometime during the day, without feeling like you have to give up things that are important to you.
  3. Follow the BDD Rule. Choose one at a regular meal (or none, if they’re not adding to your experience!), choose two on a special occasion, and for your birthday or other super special occasion, go to town with all three!  Use the rule to choose and enjoy what’s really important to you, rather than to mindlessly order all three, or to feel deprived or restricted.
  4. Hydrate early! At the beginning of every single weekend day, chug the biggest glass of water you can possibly find. People tend to drink more alcohol on the weekends (which is dehydrating), and we’re out of our regular routine on the weekends, which makes us less likely to drink the water we regularly do.  Hydration is so important for your energy levels, digestion, mood, long-term health, eliminating cravings, exercise performance, skin, and so much more.  Don’t forget your water!
  5. Don’t forget about the things that make you feel great. For me, a day without adequate water and / or vegetables is a day in which I don’t feel my best. I’m not compromising any of my fun by ensuring that I drink tons of water or fit in veggies sometime during the day, but it’s easy to forget to do so on the weekend.  Set calendar reminders, plan your meals or make your veggie packs, and make it easy for yourself to get in those things that make you feel best!
  6. Find a fun way to incorporate movement. Rent bikes with a friend and explore a new route, catch up over a long walk, join a running group or adult sports league, try a new fitness class, go dancing, walk through the mall while window shopping, or do whatever is fun for you.
  7. Don’t forget about meal prepping! I schedule two hours every single Sunday to do my meal planning and food prep, and I never cancel the appointment with myself.  I know my week will be more healthy and less stressful when I get it done!  If you want more tips, check out my Meal Planning Webinar here or check out my Instagram for ideas.  Don’t forget to tag me in your food prep pictures – I want to celebrate you!

Now it’s your turn … What’s your best tip for staying healthy on the weekends?


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  1. Alex on July 28, 2018 at 9:40 am

    Cool stuff! As a matter of fact, you reminded me to go and fill a huge glass of water right now 🙂

    Couldn’t agree more, it’s all about finding the balance and listening to our self. When in tune with nature, our body and mind will always guide us to do the right thing.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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