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workout wednesday

If you’re looking for a Dallas-area 5K or Half Marathon this Fall, I have a couple of great options to share with you for Workout Wednesday today!  If you don’t live in Dallas, it will be a great time to come visit and check out some races.  And if you don’t even want to come visit, remember I can still help you train for your fall races – I never ended up filling my very last Train with Friends Half Marathon slot, so contact me soon if you want to grab it!

the lyons share train with a friend half marathon program


MK5K Flag- Lyons[2]


I admit, I’m not usually a huge 5K runner myself, nor do I usually love themed races, but this one just sound too fun to pass up.  The MK5K website describes the race as “a fun packed, unique, incredible experience that transports racers to another world. MK5K is a fun run that focuses on keeping a smile on your face from start to finish.”

mk5k course

Each MK5K runner gets 4 balloons attached to his or her belt at the start.  Throughout the course, there are “zones” of volunteers dressed as turtle shells, banana peels, and other “scary” objects that will pop your balloons if you’re not quick enough to dodge them!  The only way to win is to get to the end with all four balloons unpopped.  You can also choose to take challenge questions along the way for extra benefits (or detriments!) turtle shell

If you’re looking for a fun 5K at the end of August, or if you’ve always dreamed of being in a video game, why not register for the MK5K?  (Proceeds from the $35 registration fee go towards the Benbrook YMCA’s Step Up For Kids campaign). I’m scheduled to be out of town, but I’m seriously reconsidering my plans since I want to experience this race – so let me know if you sign up!  Please use “The Lyons’ Share Wellness” as a reference code if you sign up!

The Colony Half Marathon

the colony half date

Once you get your fun race out of the way with MK5K, it will be the perfect time to move on to The Colony Half Marathon on October 18th!  2014 will be only the second running of The Colony Half, and last year’s race went off even better than planned! The course runs along The Colony shoreline and Lake Lewisville, and is one of the prettiest courses in Dallas.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 9.40.09 PM

I have spoken to the race organizer, who is an incredibly energetic guy and assures us all that the race will be wonderful.  He also leads the benefitting charity of the race, Angels Fall Up, which provides funding for cancer research and treatment. angels fall up

Kevin and I are both planning to run this race, and are very excited about it.  Unless I sneak in another half before then, this will be half marathon #30 for me!  It gets better … if you want to work with me on a customized training plan for The Colony Half, I may even be willing to pace you through the race!  If you’re thinking to register (whether you’re interested in the pacing or not), let me know – I may have a discount code for you!

(I exchanged publicity of these races on my blog for publicity of The Lyons’ Share.  I was not compensated for this review, and all opinions are always my own).

So tell me in the comments … If you could only run MK5K or The Colony Half, which would you choose?  Have you ever dreamed of being in a video game?  If you’re a runner, what’s the next race you have planned?


  1. Michael Anderson

    Video games – I bet you are all over that?!?! Could I name my top 10 I’d love to be in? haha

    I’m just disappointed that when I am in TX next week it is Houston and so far from Dallas … would have been great to meet you in person 🙂

      • Michael Anderson

        haha – I am visiting the HP Labs in Houston, and they rudely refused to relocate the facility to Dallas so I could visit some blog friends like Megan 🙂

    • Megan Lyons

      Haha!!! You’re right – I certainly am not a video game connoisseur (I can’t name any besides Mario Kart and Donkey Kong … and Warcraft because my high school boyfriend made me play that). But the race still sounds super fun! And yes – I wish you were coming to Dallas so I could meet you, too!

  2. Melanie

    Found your post on the SweatPink FB linkup. Fellow Dallas blogger saying hi! 🙂 I think I may be signing up for this Mario Kart run with my son!

    • Megan Lyons

      That’s so great, Melanie! You’ll have to let me know if you sign up. Always fun to meet another Dallas blogger!!! Where in Dallas are you located?

      • Melanie

        I am in the Prosper area. Practically on the OK border 🙂 j/k Where are you?

    • Megan Lyons

      OK! I only get a discount code if several people sign up, and I’ve only had a few emails, but I’ll keep you posted if something comes through!

  3. Shaun

    I am already booked up for the season with races but that video game race sounds pretty cool. I have some friends moving to Dallas in the fall so I am definitely going to schedule a race next season there!

  4. Bre & Ree

    I think I’d run the MK5K just because I’ve never run anything like it before. Dodging scary objects? Sounds hilarious! I think I’d be hysterically laughing the entire time! So I guess it’s good it’s only a 5K because I’d never be able to withstand running and laughing for much longer=)

    I don’t have any races officially planned as of yet, but I’ll be looking for something soon for the fall. Have a great weekend!

    • Megan Lyons

      I was thinking the same thing, Bre! It’s definitely not a race that I would try to PR at or anything like that, but sounds super fun!

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