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Happy Motivation Monday!

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Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away this weekend, so I’m centering today’s post around several of his messages.  Dr. Dyer was a self-help guru, teacher, motivator, author, and speaker.  I have his tearaway calendar sitting on my desk, and I read a quote from him every morning.  I’ve read several of his works and listened to several of his talks, and always find a glimpse of motivation and positivity from his messages.  Many of them center around finding ways to make the most of a given situation, and also around spreading joy and positivity to others.  This quote is one of my favorites:

feel good and give it away quote wayne dyer

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So today, how can you seek out opportunities to feel good?  Does that mean going for a walk and enjoying moving your body and being out in nature?  Does that mean getting something accomplished at work?  Does that mean cooking a healthy dinner and savoring it?

Then, how can you  give away that positive feeling?  Maybe it’s smiling at another walker (smiles are contagious!), using the extra time to help a co-worker with his or her task, or sharing your healthy meal with your family?  Whatever it is, when you spread joy and positivity, the amount that you feel yourself is almost always multiplied.

Here are several other Dr. Wayne Dyer quotes that I love:

dr wayne dyer quote view world as abundant dr wayne dyer quote treat yourself and others with kindness dr wayne dyer quote nothing is impossible dr wayne dyer quote do what you love dr wayne dyer quote let go of ego

Now it’s your turn … Which of these quotes is your favorite?  How will you look for opportunities to feel good, and how will you spread that feeling to others?


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