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Happy Motivation Monday!

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The moment I saw this quote last week, I loved it.

john lennon key to life is happiness

(picture source – David Wolfe’s Facebook page)

Lennon’s simple example shows us that nothing in life is important if we don’t have happiness.  It’s a simple concept, really, but it’s something most of us are just not taught.

Some of us are rule-followers (yes, I’m raising my hand).  Some of us define happiness in traditional, standard ways, and strive to achieve something regardless of whether or not we really want it.  Most of us have some ideal version of happiness that we think each person should strive to … like the “white picket fence” that defines traditional American happiness.


(picture source)

But you know what?  None of that is important!  Having a fantastically-paying job, a fancy car, a personal record in a running race, or an A+ on your test are not important at all unless they make you happy.

Here’s what makes me happy … truly helping someone achieve better health and happiness, and knowing that I made a difference.  Creating a nice homemade dinner at home with my husband, with our favorite music playing in the background.  Reading a book outside with no phone and no responsibilities.  Going for a run and feeling great, as if I could run for hours.  Seeing a family member or close friend smile.  Being outside in nice, sunny weather.

Now it’s your turn … What makes you truly happy?  And what can you do today to achieve that happiness?


  1. Michael Anderson

    OK – reading your posts make me smile because of your passion and outlook, and seeing the follow-ups from your Mom and Carina also make me smile 🙂

    But the core of my passions are family, work and running.

    My family absolutely comes first, and I am willing to stress myself a bit at work if it means more family time. My boys are junior and senior in high school, and in just a few short months Danny will be at NYU, so we savor the moments we get as a group. And Lisa and I never take our relationship for granted.

    I am very lucky to have a job I love that gives me enough money to have it not be an issue in life. I do satisfying stuff that makes a difference, and have had the most successful year at work in at least a decade, and one of the best of my 25+ year career! Very satisfying!

    And of course my running … It is really pretty cool to be 49 now and in the best shape of my life. I love my morning runs, and having Sunday (yesterday) be 55 and sunny when I went for my run was just … incredible.

    Thanks for the post! And I wish you all the happiness in the world! 🙂

  2. Carina

    Cooking with AC ranks high on my list. I think somehow all those wedding registry advertisments got to me — the newlyweds laughing, cooking, and drinking wine with all their shiny cookware. And we frequently joke about how I’m living the dream when we cook together. Haha, but it really does make me happy!

  3. Karen

    You know MY answer. I’m happiest when I know my 2 daughters are safe, healthy and HAPPY. Amen.
    OK and beyond that, exercise in the form of golf or Pickleball, new adventures, and eating and feeling more healthy ALL make me happy. Of course, the Mavs winning a 2nd Championship would make me happy…….but that would be nothing less than a miracle, and I’d rather save that miracle for something a bit more important. 🙂


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