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Berkey filter review

Is Your Water Actually Good for You? A Berkey Water Filter Review and Giveaway!

For years, I’ve said that drinking plenty of water was one of my best health habits.  And it’s true: drinking adequate water has numerous health benefits, including: Increased energy. This is honestly the benefit that keeps me filling up my bottle regularly. I feel SO much more energized when I am hydrated! Decreased headaches. Most…

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Join The 8% Team for Accountability to Reach Your Health Goals!

Did you know that 92% of people fail to reach – and stick with – their health goals?  It’s time to change that, and I have the tactics, strategies, and support system designed to help you be part of the 8%. Welcome to The 8% Team: a group of goal achievers, supportive and encouraging mentors,…

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10 Healthy, Savory Breakfasts You Can Make in Advance

You probably already know about my love of meal planning and food prep – I talk about how much time, money, and stress it saves me each week on Instagram, and my latest program offering is a Meal Planning Bootcamp to give you personalized support in creating meal plans that work for you! You may…

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20 Healthiest Foods to Buy at Costco

I’m so glad to hear that you all have been enjoying my healthy find roundups – if you’ve missed previous posts, check out Trader Joe’s here and Kroger here!  Today I’ll feature a bargain hunter’s dream – Costco!  While at first glance, Costco might not seem like the healthiest place to do grocery shopping, I…

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How to go Gluten-Free

As I sat down to write this post, I thought about writing about why you may want to go gluten-free, how gluten is inflammatory, how to figure out whether gluten is impacting you, and why I personally have been gluten free since 2014.  But then I realized that I already had a blog post that…

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