Motivation Monday

Look for Opportunities to Feel Good (Dr. Wayne Dyer quotes)

Happy Motivation Monday! Dr. Wayne Dyer passed away this weekend, so I'm centering today's post around several of his messages.  Dr. Dyer was a self-help guru, teacher, motivator, author, and speaker.  I have his tearaway calendar sitting on my desk, and I read a...

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Healthy Challenge: Bring Your Lunch!

Happy Motivation Monday! Chances are that you're reading this around lunch time.  What are you having?? When I posted this picture of my packed lunch and snacks on Instagram last week, I got thinking about the many benefits of bringing in a homemade lunch.  I pack my...

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Choices, Not Restrictions

Happy Motivation Monday! When my new clients start changing their eating patterns and including more healthful foods, I often hear something like "so, you mean I can never have my nightly Snickers bar anymore?" (picture source) I know right then that the client is...

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Be Patient with Your Health Goals

Happy Motivation Monday!  It's been a while since I've written a post, and I thank you for your patience... ...Speaking of patience, that's today's topic!  So often in our health journeys, we hope for and expect immediate results.  Unfortunately, while our bodies do...

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Consistent Small Steps

Happy Motivation Monday! When you have a big goal, it can be overwhelming.  So overwhelming, sometimes, that you find yourself paralyzed with fear and not actually taking action toward that goal.  Or that you find yourself driving forward, making progress, but failing...

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The Key to Enjoy Healthy Foods: Keep Trying

Happy Motivation Monday! Today, I want to encourage you to keep trying if there are healthy foods that you want to (or think you "should") enjoy.  Quite often, a client will tell me that they "just don't like" broccoli, salmon, kale, quinoa, or some other healthy...

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Be A Dreamer

Today is the Boston Marathon, a historic and exciting day for everyone in the running community, so for Motivation Monday today, I had to choose a quote by a runner!  I love this quote from Lauren Fleshman, one of my favorite American runners: Regardless of whether...

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Understanding Life

Happy Motivation Monday! The moment I saw this quote last week, I loved it. (picture source - David Wolfe's Facebook page) Lennon's simple example shows us that nothing in life is important if we don't have happiness.  It's a simple concept, really, but it's something...

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Everyone Needs A Mental Break

Thank you for bearing with me as I skipped last week's Motivation Monday post.  By my count, I hit just shy of 100 in a row, but the streak had to end somewhere!  Today, we're back on track! My lack of posting last week is our topic for today: the need for a...

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A Simple Smile

It's Motivation Monday! I'm sure you have heard the saying, "A smile is contagious."  I hope you know the feeling when a passing stranger smiles at you kindly, and you find yourself still smiling moments later, uplifted a bit from such a simple gesture.  Isn't it...

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