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why positive reinforcement works

Why Positive Reinforcement Works (for your health goals and in general!)

Over the weekend, my husband and I met with a new dog trainer (if you follow me on Instagram, you know that Riley is a bit of a trouble maker, but he sure is a cute one!).  Her approach was rooted in positive reinforcement … so much so, that she doesn’t even recommend saying “no”…

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20 Healthy Snack Ideas!

Ah!  It’s been almost 6 weeks since I’ve written a blog post (this flashback post on travel workouts doesn’t really count!), and while I could make excuses, the real reason is … life!  Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve moved houses, had some exciting business opportunities, celebrated my birthday, my husband’s birthday, and spent time…

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Julie Gannon

This Week’s 10/10: Julie Gannon, Financial Coach!

This week’s interview featured Julie Gannon, financial coach and athlete! Julie helps people to alleviate the stress of finances that so many of us face. She also has experience in the fitness field and shared some awesome tips for maintaining well-rounded health! Check out her Instagram @juli3g, her website, and feel free to send…

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This Week’s 10/10: Dr. Alex Ford, Functional Health Coach and Wellness Consultant!

This week’s interview featured Dr. Alex Ford, Functional Health Coach and Wellness Consultant! She shared tons of great information about holistic health and wellness. She works with clients individually, speaks to groups, holds workshops, and takes care of her daughter, all while doing awesome things for her own mind and body! Check out her Instagram…

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Chris McClung

This Week’s 10/10: Chris McClung, Co-Owner of Rogue Running and Rogue Training!

This week’s interview featured Chris McClung: co-owner of Rogue Running / Rogue Training DFW/ Rogue Training and host of the Running Rogue podcast. Whether you’re a runner or not, check out my top 10 takeaways from Chris’ interview for immediate ways to improve your health. He had tons of health tips to share! Follow Chris on Instagram: @roguechris, and…

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