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Snacks and Side Dishes

Watercress Stuffed Bell Pepper Salad

Happy Foodie Friday!  When Heather selected watercress for this month’s “Meatless Monday from A-Z” ingredient, I was excited but stumped.  I have had watercress at restaurants, and I’ve read a lot about its health benefits – it has tons of antioxidants, making it one of the healthiest (and under appreciated!) greens out there.  It’s particularly…

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Healthy Cinco-de-Layer Dip (or Mini Salad!)

I grew up eating “Mexican food” in Texas, and got used to the “queso,” enchiladas, and anything covered in sour cream.  The first time I went to Mexico, I remember thinking that they were doing it “wrong” … I know.  I later learned that the Tex-Mex I had been used to eating was a different variety…

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Chunky Mashed Cauliflower + several other great new recipes!

A funny thing has been happening in my kitchen lately.  I’ve been cooking more than ever (and absolutely loving the opportunity to spend more time in my kitchen and avoid so much restaurant food!).  I’ve been really loading up on the veggies, and enjoying everything I’ve been making.  However … I haven’t really had any…

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A Day Full of Green St. Patrick’s Day Meals!

Happy Foodie Friday!  It’s just a few days before one of my favorite holidays of the year … St. Patrick’s Day!  I love St. Patrick’s Day because it’s a holiday that so many people get excited and happy about, whether they’re Irish or not.  All you have to do to be “Irish” on St. Patrick’s…

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Squash Self-Doubt (plus #MMAZ Simple Butternut Squash Dip!)

Happy Motivation Monday!  Last week we celebrated ourselves, and this week’s theme is related, but not the same.  When I talked about celebrating ourselves, it was about looking at things we have already accomplished and pausing to recognize the wonderful things that we have done.  This week, I’d like you to think about the self-doubt…

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