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Health Tips

Green smoothies … worth the hype?

By now, you’ve probably seen someone walking around with a sludgy-looking green juice or smoothie, and may have even asked WHY in the world anyone would drink something so … green.  Sales of super-premium fruit and vegetable juices have risen 58% since 2004, and smoothie chains on every corner are offering “healthy add-ins” or green…

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Going for whole grains

You may have read in my post on the “BDD Rule” that one of my simple tricks for eating healthily at restaurants is to (usually) avoid the bread basket.  Aside from the added calories, one reason this makes even more sense is that the majority of breads restaurants place on tables are refined grains or…

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The “BDD Rule” for eating out

Eating at restaurants is a topic near and dear to my heart: in a normal week, I eat 12 meals per week out of the house due to traveling Monday through Thursday for work … and that’s without any social outings or date nights on the weekends (note: this post was written in 2013, before…

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Starting your day the healthy way

We’ve all heard it … “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  But are you eating the right things for breakfast to get your day started in the best way possible?  Read on to learn why I think breakfast is so important, and see one example of a common breakfast in my everyday…

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Building a healthy salad

This post has been revised for 2018!  Check out the new post here!   How many times have you said the words “Oh, I’ll be good, I’ll just have a salad”?  You may have even done so this week, to fit in some veggies for your Fresh Start Challenge!  When you do order salad, though,…

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