7 Healthy Swaps


Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day!  After my workout, I’m headed to brunch with my dad, who has taught me so much about life, appreciation, and most importantly, balance.  I’m so lucky to be living in the same city as him again, and I’m grateful for everything he does for me and his constant support.…

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Healthy homemade soups without hours in the kitchen


Happy Foodie Friday!  How are you doing with your added sugar challenge? (I did fine until last night when I was stressed about work and overtired.  Regardless, I appreciated the opportunity to be conscious about all the added sugar that sneaks into my diet!)  Did you try any workouts from Work Out Wednesday? (I did…

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7 Convenient Home or Hotel Workouts


Happy Workout Wednesday!  Today’s post is going to be pretty quick, because I’m short on sleep and running (literally) out the door!  Thanks to all your comments on my anniversary giveaway post, I heard the call loud and clear for some easy-to-access, free (or cheap), limited-equipment-required workouts that can be done at home or in…

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Added Sugars Challenge and Giveaway Winner


Happy Motivation Monday!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I traveled to Fredricksburg, TX for a friend’s wedding (see my 7 Tips to Enjoy a Healthy Wedding Weekend post from yesterday here!).  Now, I’m about to hit the road for another 4-day traveling work week, but wanted to invite you to join me…

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7 Tips for Enjoying a Healthy Wedding Weekend


Wedding season is in full bloom, and a lot of the “side effects” of weddings (overindulgence, drinking, and skipped workouts due to being away from home) can often lead you to feel less than your best when you get back to reality.  We’ve all been there, right?  Well, Kevin and I drove down to Fredricksburg,…

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