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Tour de Cure Recap and Chia Bar Giveaway!

Happy Sunday – I hope your weekend is relaxing, fun, and healthy!  I have lots to talk about today, including a recap of yesterday’s Tour de Cure and an opportunity for YOU to win one of my favorite products!  Because this is a monster post, I’ve divided it into 4 sections – Motivation to Ride,…

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Kale Lettuce Wraps with Quinoa, Tofu, and Veggies

Something about lettuce wraps just makes them a fun meal to eat … do you know what I mean?  You sit down with a heaping pile of wraps, a bowl of delicious filling, and you get to create each one exactly how you want it.  Sure, they’re messy (probably not the best first date meal!),…

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Flat Abs in 5 Minutes Workout

On most days after my run or workout, I do some form of core work.  The benefits of core work are huge: not only does having a strong core give you nice, flat abs, but a strong core also helps prevent injury while running or working out, relieve back pain from sitting all day, improve…

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Enjoying Each Day

Can you believe that this week marks the end of July?  If the days (and years!) are passing quickly, and you’re not getting a chance to step back and enjoy, you’re not alone.  This week, though, join me in consciously trying to appreciate something every day, even if it’s just a tiny thing.  It will…

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7 Nutrition Lessons Americans Can Learn from Other Cultures

Some of the most interesting (to me) lessons from my nutrition education were those that explored the nutritional practices of various cultures throughout the world.  I’m fascinated by the differences in the foods we consume, and I love that we can learn tried-and-true principles by comparing the health of millions of different people with such…

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