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7 Exercise Articles that Caught My Eye this Week

How is your 30-Day Ab Challenge going?  I’m already feeling the burn!  If you haven’t joined in, it’s not too late!  It is too late, however, to write a real Work Out Wednesday post today (it’s in the very wee hours of the morning as I write this, but I’ll wait to post until the…

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Your 30-Day Ab Challenge Starts NOW!

Happy Motivation Monday!  Did you get to check out the 7 things I always have in my refrigerator or freezer from yesterday’s post?  I’m really excited to kick off the 30-Day Ab Challenge … when I posted on Facebook, there were at least a couple who said they would join in, and I hope you…

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7 Things that are ALWAYS in my refrigerator/ freezer

On Thursday on Instagram, I shared a picture of my grocery haul for the week(end).  As you know, Kevin and I both travel for work Monday-Thursday, so our grocery buying habits are a bit out of the ordinary.  After eating out for every single meal Monday-Thursday, we really enjoy eating at home on the weekends,…

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Peach Protein Microwave Dessert + Two Seafood Ideas!

Happy Foodie Friday!  You’re in luck, because I have three fun recipes to share with you today.  A 5-minute, delicious peach protein cake that you make in the microwave, a lentil and bok choy mixture that is a great complement to fish filets, and a few modifications of another blogger’s recipe for a scallop, vegetable,…

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How to safely exercise in the summer heat

If you many fitness-related blogs, you’ve probably seen a fair number of posts on how to run or exercise through the summer heat.  You may also be thinking that I’m late to the game, as it is already a week into August (incidentally, average temperatures in the US are a degree or two cooler in…

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