Flat Abs in 5 Minutes Workout


On most days after my run or workout, I do some form of core work.  The benefits of core work are huge: not only does having a strong core give you nice, flat abs, but a strong core also helps prevent injury while running or working out, relieve back pain from sitting all day, improve…

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Enjoying Each Day


Can you believe that this week marks the end of July?  If the days (and years!) are passing quickly, and you’re not getting a chance to step back and enjoy, you’re not alone.  This week, though, join me in consciously trying to appreciate something every day, even if it’s just a tiny thing.  It will…

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7 Nutrition Lessons Americans Can Learn from Other Cultures


Some of the most interesting (to me) lessons from my nutrition education were those that explored the nutritional practices of various cultures throughout the world.  I’m fascinated by the differences in the foods we consume, and I love that we can learn tried-and-true principles by comparing the health of millions of different people with such…

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Healthy Cauliflower Chicken “Fried Rice”


A huge, steaming bowl of fried rice is definitely a “comfort food” for me, but some versions of fried rice can be a bit heavy – P.F. Chang’s version of Chicken Fried Rice has 1240 calories, 25g fat, 2050g sodium, and 206g carbohydrates – yikes!  (Don’t get me wrong, life is not about counting calories,…

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Podcasts to Motivate Your Workout


This post has been updated for 2018! Check out the updated list here! When you work out, do you listen to music?  Zone out?  Watch TV or read a magazine from your machine at the gym? I do believe in the restorative power of tuning in to your own thoughts or listening to your body…

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