Free Coaching Friday Product Recommendations

These are product recommendations from Free Coaching Friday, where Megan Lyons answers audience questions and offers health tips & tricks LIVE on Facebook, each Friday at 3pm CT.  See highlights from these videos here:!

Travel snacks:

Additional Snacks:

Wrap / Bread alternatives:



Cookies and brownies:


Cereal and Pasta:

Oil and Nut Products:


*Note: I believe supplements should be taken for targeted reasons, and should be reevaluated regularly.   I do NOT recommend just picking and choosing from this list randomly, unless you know what you’re choosing.  Please consult with a health coach or other health professional if you need assistance in developing the supplementation program that works best for you!



Gum and Mints:

Coffees, Teas, and Blended Drinks:



Note: these are by no means all of the recipes I recommend (in fact, I have an 80-page document of Lyons’ Share approved recipes that I select from to recommend to my clients!).  These are just recipes that came up in response to specific questions asked by readers.  Enjoy!

Bottles and Infusers:

Cooking Products:

Health Challenges:

Planning, Goal Setting, Meditation:

Food Intolerance Testing:

Books, Blogs, and other Resources: