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Just don’t know where to start?

If you feel stressed about your health and unsure of where to start, Start Here!

No more fad diets. No more ups and downs on the dreaded diet roller coaster. No more feeling tired, unmotivated, and unsatisfied with your body, day-in and day-out. No more stress about where to start.

Start Here: 7 Easy, No-Diet Steps to Achieve Your Ultimate Health and Happiness cuts through the mass media’s conflicting and confusing promises, and instead spells out the most important nutrition information to help you feel your best. Each section contains dozens of practical tips to fit health into your busy life. If you’re ready to ditch the drama, lose weight, clean up your diet, and get started achieving your ultimate health and happiness, this book is for you. Start Here!Start Here book cover

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About the Author

headshot with quoteMegan Lyons has shared her game-changing approach to wellness with thousands of people through personalized health coaching, health and wellness blogging, and motivational speaking. As founder and owner of The Lyons’ Share Wellness, she’s deeply passionate about inspiring others to feel their healthiest and happiest.

Megan holds degrees and certifications from Harvard University, Northwestern University, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is a candidate for a Masters in Holistic Nutrition. When she’s not health coaching, you can find her running, cooking, reading, traveling, and cheering on the Dallas Mavericks.  She currently lives in Dallas with her husband, Kevin, and adorable dog, Maverick.

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With purchase of the book, you get 4 exclusive, 100% free bonuses, available for immediate download!  Download instructions appear on the first page of the book.  The bonuses include:

  • The “Start Here, Star There” Daily Health Tracker, similar to the one I use for all of my clients, to help keep yourself accountable and on track!
  • A Weekly Meal Planner template to help you prepare healthy meals
  • A Lyons’ Share Pantry Guide to get you started with the basics you need

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