Flashback Post: Building a Healthy Salad

This week I’m bringing you a revision of one of my very first blog posts. Nutrition has evolved over the last 5 years since the original post was written, and so have the tips in this post! I hope you enjoy! How many times have you said the words “Oh, I’ll be good, I’ll just…
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7 Benefits of Walking

I’ll be honest: as a lover of the endorphin rush that comes from running faster or further than you wanted to, doing more burpees than you thought possible, or feeling your heart pump through your chest in a group fitness class, sometimes the idea of “just” going for a walk used to seem a bit…
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What’s the Hype with Gluten-Free Diets?

I would venture to guess that neither of my grandmothers had ever heard of gluten before they passed away, and I’m certain they never considered going gluten-free themselves.  But these days, you’d be hard-pressed to walk down any aisle of the grocery store without being confronted with products labeled gluten-free (I’ve even bought a bag…
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