Health Tips

4 Benefits of Meal Planning

  Meal planning and food prep photos are popping up all over social media lately (don’t miss mine on Facebook or Instagram!), and people are constantly asking me why I feel so strongly about meal planning and food prep.  The benefits of meal planning are huge, and in today’s post, I’ll share my top 4. …

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7 Reminders to Start the New Year

It’s the first work day of a brand new year, and by now, you’ve likely seen hundreds of tempting gym membership discounts, diet pill promises, and New Years Resolution reminders that make you feel anything but great.  I’m all about making goals for each new year (in fact, my free December webinar was all about…

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#1 (and #2 and #3!) Steps to Achieve Your Health Goals

steps to achieve your health goals

The beginning of January brings excitement for our health, determination to feel our best and turn over a new leaf, and willingness to make change.  I LOVE all of these things, and celebrate welcoming them into our lives next week.  However, the New Year also brings an onslaught of fad diets, unrealistic expectations, negative self-talk,…

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Top 7 Holiday Gifts for Someone Committed to a Healthy 2018

top 7 holiday gifts for someone comitted to a healthy 2018

Can you believe it’s already mid-December?  If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for that person on your list who is just starting their health journey, or has committed to making 2018 their healthiest year ever, I have rounded up some ideas to help you finish up your Christmas shopping.  Of course, I always…

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7 Tips to Fit in Exercise … Even on the Busiest Days

7 tips to fit in exercise even on the busiest days

I love the rush of endorphins, energy boost, feeling of accomplishment, and mental clarity that a good morning sweat session provides, so I make time for exercise almost every single day.  And I firmly believe that you have time for what you prioritize, too.  We all have 168 hours in a week, and if you’re watching an…

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